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11. Complete Guide to Cyber Security Operation Center

I’ve recently completed a book on SOC (476 pages), a project close to my heart, that delves into the exciting realm of Security Automation, Orchestration, and Hyper-automation platforms in the SOC. If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed by the multitude of cybersecurity solutions, this post is designed to be your personal guide on developing a fully functional SOC.

This eBook comes with plenty of examples and illustrations to help you understand complex concepts, data collection requirements to incident response, automations, playbooks, integrations requirements under the scope of IT, IS and Cybersecurity.

A big shout out to Brad Voris for his review of the book, his insights made this book even richer.

Knowledge Areas Covered

  • Enterprise architecture strategy to better formulate your SOC.
  • Visibility & data ingress requirements for your SOC
  • SOC functions, KPI’s, processes, frameworks, and automation requirements
  • Derive your Analyst-JD aligned to international frameworks
  • SOC organogram with Red, Blue, Purple team’s maturity, tactics, functions, activities
  • SIEM & SOAR architecture design guidelines to achieve more from these integrations.
  • Detection engineering with OSINT, CTEM.
  • Incident response with CSIRT, DFIR.
  • Tabletop exercises explained and operationalized
  • Artificial Intelligence & Data Science in SOC
  • How to develop your Open-source based SOC, full hardware BoQ, Network Design is provided
  • Bonus Chapters: IT Project Management, VA/PT Plan, ITIL Strategy Frameworks, Jurisdiction Assignment Matrix etc.

Extra Documentations

  • DM me for the DOC version of the book in LinkedIn.
  • Join Discord: Please DM me on LinkedIn, I will Send you the link to join.
  • 1000+ Job aids – download extra documentation.
  • 60 Body of Knowledge (BoK) links.
  • 1500+ curated list of VA/PT tools as job aids.
  • 200+ References to support your SOC operations even further.

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10. DDoS Attack Remediation Plan

This DDoS plan document is for your guidance on how to secure your networked devices to withstand various DDoS attacks. This document also outlines:

Content Guide:

  • DDoS Attack types
  • Signatures of attack types
  • Preventative measures to be taken
  • Team’s knowledge and skills requirements
  • RACI with responsibility matrix
  • CISA recommendations on securing your infrastructure
  • CIS benchmark for Cisco routers & switches

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9.Deploy Microsoft Lync Server 2010 in Two Physical Servers

lync2010-2serversThis brief solution document focuses on the deployment options regarding Lync 2010 in two physical servers. Hardware and Software Sizing as well as configuration are reflected within this document.

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8. Deploying SCSM 2012 R2 on a Single Machine

scsm-single-machineThis document is a collage document cut & paste from the original SCSM document published by Microsoft. I only took what needed for the document to be completed. As I was developing a System Center Service Manager Sizing on Hardware and Software, the actual BOM is listed at the bottom of the document with design guidelines.

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7. Active Directory, Exchange & System Center Solution Proposal


Releasing this document for generic access which was previously released to certain companies. This document focuses deployment for the Active Directory within a 2000 user-based organization with the messaging services; including the monitoring and configuration management services with System Center Components.

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6. Microsoft & Citrix VDI Solution


This file was recently published to the local community two months back. And now opening to the generic access. The document discusses about high level deployment scenario of VDI solution jointly formed by Microsoft & Citrix. A 700 user-base was assumed and a scalability of 4500 user-base scale-up model was provided using DELL & HP hardware.

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5. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Preview Installation

BookCoverAnd here is the file I have distributed earlier to my friends of net-workers. This pdf file explains the Installation of Active Directory, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012 and finally step by step installation of the Syctem Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2. This document also describes the prerequisite configuration required for the successful completion of Installation of SCCM 2012 R2. Click on the link for the pdf file.

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4. Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Installation

Exchange_Article_ThumbThis is a step by step guideline which focuses on the installation of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Every screenshot is provided along with per-requisites.

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3. Microsoft System Center Operation Manager 2012 Beta Installation

scomthumbThis document released long back…and just resaved and converted into a pdf, and it’s nearly a one pager. Download Link follows

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2. Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Installation

lync2010installThis document released long back…and just resaved and converted into a pdf, and it’s nearly a three pager. Download Link follows

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1. Exchange Server 2010 Installation

Exchange2010_Article_ThumbThis file have been in the friends hands long back since 2011 while exchange server is shaping up with enterprise capabilities. This is also a one pager file.

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