PMI: Members Mega Meet: 27th April 2024


Bangladesh Cybersecurity Summit 2024: 5th March 2024

Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP, State Minister, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, and Information Technology (standing in the middle), Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh., addressing the summit and elaborating Vision 2041.

সাইবার হা’মলা প্রতিরোধে গাইডলাইন এবং সমন্বিত পদক্ষেপে জোড় | সাইবার হা’মলা প্রতিরোধে গাইডলাইন এবং সমন্বিত পদক্ষেপে জোড় | By BVNEWS24Facebook | Facebook


Riseup Labs – Mastering Cybersecurity: 27 Jan 2024

The Webinar featured notable speakers. They were:

  • Shahab Al Yamin Chawdhury: Group Chief Information Security Officer, Link3 Technologies Limited. Former Technical Specialist, Tech. Lead for Microsoft Bangladesh & Nepal
  • Saad Zia: Penetration Tester, Riseup Labs; Cyber Security Engineer, TechForing Ltd
  • Md. Mizanur Rahman: Tech Lead, Riseup Labs

Advanced Cybersecurity Practices

Mr. Shahab Al Yamin Chawdhury, the Group Chief Information Security Officer of Link3 Technologies Limited and the former Technical Specialist and Tech. Lead for Microsoft Bangladesh & Nepal was also invited to attend Riseup Labs’ Mastering Cyber Security Webinar.

He explained the following topics on the Webinar:

  • Securing coding practices and vulnerability assessments throughout the software development lifecycle
  • Insights into designing and implementing a secure enterprise architecture with network segmentation and intrusion detection systems
  • Master essential cybersecurity skills like network security, incident response, threat intelligence, and vulnerability management
  • Leverage industry-standard frameworks like NIST Cybersecurity Framework and CIS Controls for effective risk management
  • Leadership skills to champion cybersecurity initiatives, secure funding, and manage risk at the executive level


Signing Ceremony with Exim Bank: 29th November 2023

While with Link3, EXIM bank has agreed for their support system to be managed by my team. Primarily we have derived for their Active Directory, System Center Configuration Manager support.


Signing Ceremony with PMI Bangladesh Chapter: 15th March 2023

I have initiated a support system for the PMI Bangladesh Chapter, and after two month’s of engagements, the current board of the PMI and MD of the Link3, agreed to support each other and enrich people’s mind share.


PMI Chapter Exchange: 17 March 2023

My points:

  1. An office provides numerous expertise by its personnel, grab what you can, and learn from them, even if it means to office staff like having to know how to develop better documentation in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on.
  2. Engage actively on discussions, take it all in, as all prospects may be exposed to everyone, so that you can use the best way to do things
  3. Learn every day, enrich someone’s life everyday if you can. Don’t expect any return.
  4. Correct possibly anything that you come by and observing that they are doing it in a wrong way, and if you are confident, do stand up and rise to the collective cause.
  5. Always think of enterprise grade, what they are doing differently in an Enterprise, things will be opening up for you and take it all in slowly but do grow at your own pace.
  6. Expand your profile, actively take initiatives, do not let down any opportunity as they came to you for free (no one is charging anything from you), take it for granted, as someone up there wants you to learn those as well. Get richer.
  7. Do things accurately, read slowly, skim fast, give in and give it your best. If you are not doing it, someone else will.
  8. Give time of great value, time can only be equal to your knowledge gain, not your salary.
  9. Do things today, find something to do tomorrow.
  10. Train & invest in yourself, this would pay throughout your life.
  11. IMPACT DISCUSSION: The drawbacks of the ‘bare-minimum’ approach –
    “The pandemic forced all of us to be in our homes for weeks on end, allowing many to spend time in reflection, question their life choices and habits, and ask what is their life purpose,” says Emma Burdett, founder of Women in Leadership Deliver, or Wild.“The trend we saw when things started to get back to some sort of normality was many people quitting the corporate world to start their own ventures, allowing them the freedom and creativity they craved. Those who weren’t quite ready to take the plunge entered a mental space of quiet quitting, whereby demotivated and uninspired employees who had quit in their heads were mentally removed from their roles.”While it sounds good in practice, doing the bare minimum at work also resulted in practitioners entering a negative feedback loop, in which disengaging with the workday led to feelings of alienation and unfulfillment, which then led them to distance themselves further.

    Further, while quitting a job that doesn’t make you happy is the obvious solution, with mortgages and bills to pay, along with the increased cost of living, resigning without a new role lined up is rarely feasible.

    Quiet quitting is a voluntary and intentional act where employees take a proactive step toward creating a healthy mental distance between themselves and potentially toxic work environments that don’t offer or allow them to exercise a healthy and flexible work/life balance.

    Quiet quitting could have disastrous consequences, both in terms of losing their current jobs, and finding new ones. In terms of the latter, quiet quitters are also risking their future prospects.

    The overall productivity of quiet quitters is low, and it’s possible that workers will stop participating in team discussions and meetings.



  • 1st time in Bangladesh, I have been able to convince the PMI Board of Bangladesh Chapter, the President and the technical director to engage in a partnership with a local technical company to support their technical needs. Next consecutive meetings led PMI agreed to partner with Link3 Technologies, as a technical partner to provide support for their web site development, and of course security aspects of the PMI sites and with other required supports as well.
  • Jury Board Member: Shahab Al Yamin Chawdhury
    • Attendees: 6 Companies submitted their projects, and how they handled it under PMI directives.
    • Technical Partner of PMI-BD Chapter
    • Partner Enrollment: Link3 Technologies Ltd.
    • Best Project Awarded
    • Largest Project Awarded


PMP Discussion: 27 Dec 2021

Discussion Points:

  • How to get prepared for the exam, fast track and regular
  • Things to remember on the exam day
  • Note card provided by PMSHUHARI
  • Things to look out for: ITTO
  • Critical domains of PMBOK
  • How to incorporate your learnings into real-life implementations


Digital Security Summit: 23 Oct 2021

A marathon program day for 28hours straight, discussion points:

  • Current cybersecurity challenges in the MFS domain
  • Readiness requirements for different companies: People, Process, Technology & Data security
  • Training & awareness requirements
  • Regular patch management & audit
  • Service continuity and continual improvement


Importance of Pentesting: UCB FinTech Company (UPAY): 12 Dec 2021

Link to the Video: Importance of PenTesting: According to UPAY. (


Microsoft signs agreement with Uttara Bank: 13 March 2014

Microsoft signs agreement with Uttara BankStaff Correspondent, DHAKA, Mar 13: World-leading software company, Microsoft has signed an enterprise agreement with Uttara Bank Limited, country’s one of the oldest and leading banks.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz, Managing Director of Uttara Bank Limited, and Pubudu Basnayake, Country Manager, Microsoft Bangladesh, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations in the capital on Tuesday.

Jamie Harper, General Manager, Southeast Asia, Microsoft Asia Pacific was present at the signing ceremony.

Md. Fazlur Rahman, Mohammed Mosharaf Hossain, Mohammed Rabiul Hossain, Sabera Aktari Jamal, Deputy Managing Directors, and Rafiul Islam, Deputy General Manager, ICT Division from Uttara Bank were present.

Mohammed Asif, Director, Enterprise & Partner Group, Shahab Al-Yamin Chawdhury, Technology Specialist and other officials from Microsoft Bangladesh were also present on the occasion.


Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Deep Dive Session: February 26th 2014

This event was held in the new Microsoft Bangladesh Office. This is a mixed audience from Corporate Accounts, Financial accounts. Totally technical deep dive on Exchange Server 2013 and all of it’s features and capabilities. The session started from 9am in the morning and held for about 6pm, a totally exhausting day followed by Exchange 2013 Installation. 20 Technical Audience along with some BDM’s.

msbdex01 msbdex00


Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Deep Dive Session: 29th January 2014

This event was organized for the companies who recently established AD, and wanted to have a robust enterprise graded mailing system, mainly from Financial Segment. This is where Exchange Server comes in. the session was fully interactive ending with the Exchange 2013 Installation and Configuration. Audience was predicted to be 30 but started slow and 42 was the last count.

Exchanged01 Exchanged02 Exchanged00


Optimize your IT Infrastructure for the Future: 23rd October 2013

This audience is combined from FSI industry, who attended the whole day event for Windows Server 2012 R2 Features, System Center 2012 R2 all Component Technical Overview and finally the deep dive session for the Hyper-V Capabilities. This DEMO session was delivered for eight straight hours, except an hour break for lunch. Last count of the Audience was 24.

Optimize01 Optimize00


Partner Kickoff: 5th September 2013

This is a partner kickoff meting for a new year. Every segment lead and techies addressed their channel partners. And I presented the System Center value to the partners. Audience was 120+.

pkickoff00 pkickoff01 pkickoff02


DELL 12G Launch: June 17th 2013

Now on this event, it was arranged by DELL & Microsoft jointly, and I was selected from Microsoft part to present Microsoft’s value on the System Center stack. I have presented the SC Cloud solutions and later on was humbled by DELL’s Country Manager to run the lottery, and giveaway DELL & Microsoft items to the winners. Total Audience was 250+

dell12g02 dell12g01 dell12g00


Microsoft & DELL Solution Day: April 18th 2013

On this day, I have presented Lync Server 2013 Technical Overview for an exhaustive 2 hour run. Audience interaction was too much and my throat was starting to soar. Audience was more than 250!

Lync00 Lync01 Lync02



Banglalink (Teleco) – Lync vs Avaya Compete: December 10th 2012

I have been taking care of the account Banglalink for two years then, placed & successfully upgraded their infrastructure with AD, Exchange, SharePoint, System Center, but they were not budging for the Lync, since the Voice team were too adamant to see the value for it. On a gradual progression these events occurred. Afterwards PoC took place, setup the HD camera for their nationwide transmission for the CEO to all hands. It was a great adventure. Audience was CEO all hands.



Microsoft Technology Roadshow 2012: 20th November 2012

roadshow2012This event organized only for client presentation, their success stories with Microsoft Technologies; and a demonstrated progress for EPG Clients. From Microsoft part Gayan Peiris presented the SharePoint technical abilities and its superiority as well. On the back end I have contributed to the clients presentation, where I have recorded their server management stack video’s and presented to the audience. Me standing at the top row, 2nd from left.­­­­


TESHIS: January 20th, 2012

Microsoft Value Proposition on Our First Ever local “DOEL” Branded Laptop

Teshish00Teshis is our foremost government entity that has seen the future that the Schools/Universities are in need of the technological advancement with an Operating System, which is already accepted by the majority of the users. Therefore, Teshis decided that with their first ever Bangladeshi Branded Laptops they should include Microsoft Client Operating System as a primary Operating System.

I played the technical role and educate the TSS team on how to collage an operating system with all the drivers and build an image so that they won’t have to install on every laptop. Rather they used the hard drive duplicator to replicate the HDD image to the designated models. After long engagements TSS finally signed off for a 25,000 laptops for the first lot. More than 50,000 OS’s are ordered later on. In the picture I am demonstrating the Windows AIK Toolkit with the black laptop.