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Education is your birth right. Access to education is life-changing, and it’s the one thing that can never be taken away from you once you have it. So, EDUCATE YOURSELF as much as you can, grow interest on it.

Electronics & Applied Physics are my favorite subject; extremely enthusiastic about gadgets and gizmos. Reason why I am in the hardware systems and integration. My past experiences with the nationwide network setup; gave me the edge I needed to move forward.

I also am a Motorcycle fan, specially the Bobber ones. Love the SoftTails. Love engines, regardless of bikes or cars or make & model. Also have some passion about photography, but didn’t do well on that part 🙂

Used to make amplifiers and distortions for the guitar players in our locale in the 90’s (with STK-4191 AMP IC) when I was in 7th grade. At that time I was seriously building large Amp’s with bulb transistors which were a big hit. But right after the junior high I saw that my friends were getting trained on Dbase3 and Lotus123. Later on enrolled myself into it, but more importantly, I was looking for why the machines were working and how…that’s the beginning of my system integration. And I still am learning more and more and every day and in every way I am getting better and better.

Specialty is in Enterprise Grade Computer Network Infrastructure Establishment (Enterprise Architect) & it’s security barrier implementation & maintenance (Cyber Security & Countermeasures).

I take pride in guiding my professional development and I felt that taking a hands-on course would be a great challenge and learning experience. And I still am sane for my upcoming endeavors.


  • MSc in Computer Science & Engineering – 1st Class
  • BSc in Computer Science & Engineering – 1st Class
  • HSc in Science – 1st Class
  • SSc in Science – 1st Class

Certified on the following:

  • 2023: Azure Solutions Architect Expert since 19th December
  • 2023: Cybersecurity Architect Expert since 12th December
  • 2022: MCT*9 since 8th December
  • 2022: CDPSE since 8th April
  • 2022: CRISC since 1st April
  • 2022: PCCS-CCIP (Datacenter) Since 12th February
  • 2022: CISA since 11th February
  • 2022: CGEIT since 6th January
  • 2021: PMP since 22nd October
  • 2021: CISM since 8th October
  • 2021: MCT*8 since 30th December
  • 2020: MCT*7 since 30th December
  • 2019: MCT*6 since 30th December
  • 2018: CCNA*2 since 30th December
  • 2018: MCT*5 since 30th December
  • 2017: MCT*4 since 30th December
  • 2016: MCT*3 since 30th December
  • 2016: MCSE*4: Private Cloud since 8th May
  • 2015: MCT*2 since 13th December
  • 2014: EXIN Prince2 since 29th Dec
  • 2014: MCSE*3: Server Infrastructure 2012 since 17th May
  • 2014: MCSA 2012 Track, Since 10th of May
  • 2013: MCT*1 2012 Track, Since 10th of May
  • 2013: MCITP on Enterprise Administrator 2008 track, since 1st of June
  • 2012: EXIN ITILv3 Foundation (Syllabus 2011) since 7th of July
  • 2012: MCTS on Server Infra. Since 1st of July
  • 2009: September: Trained on A/V Broadcast Engineering Systems at BBC London.
  • 2008: CCNA*1 since April 15th.
  • 2007: MSBS: Microsoft Small Business Specialist since 18th January
  • 2006: MCSE*2 in 2003 track since 27th April
  • 2006: MCSA in 2003 track since 13th April
  • 2005: MCDBA in 2000 track since 14th September
  • 2002: MCSE*1 in 2000 track since 16th March
  • 2001: PENTASOFT certified Broadcast Multimedia A/V Professional. Pentasoft is the world’s 3rd Silicon Valley, situated at Madras, India.
  • 1993: Photographer since 1993; Certified by Late M. A. Beg; founder member of Bangladesh Photographic Society (BPS) and BegART.
  • 1991: Certified in Advanced Electronics materials in the year 1991, by the Chairman of the University Grants Commission.

Trained on the following:

  • 2016 (24th Oct): FireEye Platform Deployment Exam (FE Internal)
  • 2016 (19th Oct): FireEye Forensic Analysis (AX Series) Deployment (FE Internal)
  • 2016 (19th Oct): FireEye Central Management (CM Series) Deployment (FE Internal)
  • 2016 (16th Oct): FireEye Platform Overview Exam (FE Internal)
  • 2016 (16th Oct): FireEye Network Security (NX Series) Deployment (FE Internal)
  • 2016 (16th Oct): FireEye Content Security (FX Series) Deployment Exam (FE Internal)
  • 2016 (21st June): GIAC Systems and Network Auditor (GSNA)
  • 2016 (3rd June): GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC)
  • 2016 (January): CISSP (CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
  • 2015 (Oct-Dec): Organizational Strategy: Blue Ocean Strategy Formulation
  • 2015 (June-July): EXIN – Information Security Foundation (27001 & 27002)
  • 2014 (March): CISA
  • 2013 (November-December): PMP,
  • CEH v6,
  • RHCE-5,
  • VMware VCP- vSphere 5,
  • DataCenter Design and Implementation (EMCDCA),
  • Certified Data Centre Professional – CDCP v2 Trained),
  • ITIL-V3 (Continual Service Improvement, Service Design, Service Life Cycle, Service Operation, Service Strategy, Service Transition etc.)
  • Intrusion Prevention and Countermeasures – V6 (CEH & CPT by EC-Council),
  • Power-line Control Systems (Generator Setup & Power Calibration),
  • Fire Detection & Suppression Systems,
  • Gas Suppression Systems (Pyrogen/Energen, FM200, FE227),
  • IP-PABX and Enterprise Voice Systems,
  • IVR Setup & Management,
  • DTP- Designing & Printing, CMYK Film Printing, CMYK Plate making, Double-Demy CORD Machine Operating.
  • A/V Recording and Streaming Systems (FCP, Premiere, Edius etc.),
  • Broadcast Signaling and LNB setup (BBC – Wood Norton Facility–London, EveSham, NorthWick),
  • Audio Booth/Recording Center Design and Sound Proofing etcetera and etc.
  • Electronic AMP’s & Distortions for Electric Guitar players. (Used to make and sell these when I was in 7th Grade, pure fun though, but lost my eyesight).
  • NLE; A/V setup with Matrox Digisuite. Had an editing studio back in time.
  • CD/DVD-Duplication in a massive scale — setup and maintenance. Every 4 minutes produced 500 DVD’s in a production environment, setup was all mine.
  • Sound Engineering– Upto 32 Channels….and after that I never cared for managing more than 32.


  • Car Engine Reconstruction, Re-Fabrication, Painting and all.
  • Bike Engine Reconstruction, specially the water cooled systems.
  • Car/Bike  Micro Painting with my Iwata, Pinstriping etc.

At the end of the day love to spend time browsing the net; happy to pass on the knowledge who requests it.

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A bit about me: Now the following picture says about the companies I have worked for. For now, the last one is Microsoft Bangladesh, and now I am with an ISP delivering Microsoft Solutions, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000, ITIL & NIST Based Security Governance for it’s clients and preparing them for the future threats & countermeasures. The cards were not exactly aligned to my job as it appears. First company is Whiz, I used to remaster Audio CD’s, massive scale CD/DVD duplication after the master gets ready (had about 50 Sony SCSI drives attached to 5 computers); in the year 1994 with YAMAHA CD Burner with Caddy type case, funny though. Then TRIBE, a networking solution and second computer company in our country (Bangladesh), which has specialized personnel (me!) for desktop integration (Clone PC’s) and windows 3.11 Workgroup Networking; I was there till 1998. And then moved to Mystique Multimedia, names says it all. I learned my video techniques while being there, self interest also, started with couple of friends till 2000. Afterwards joined New Horizons as a center manager (Training Manager is the Center Manager) for Uttara Branch; been there for about a year.

Later on moved to BIPL where I have implemented nationwide Government Network for 64 Districts, funded by UK-AID and RNE, projected by Ministry of Finance. This is where I got a boost to learn and earned my first MCP, CCNA and later on ended up at MCITP. I don’t know why I went with networking, I guess I love the hardware’s, configuring it, maintaining it. But mostly I did it for the love of it; stayed with BIPL till late 2008. Then I got a job offer from BBC, now operating as BBC Media Action. I setup their whole office including whole floor plan, electrical wiring, PABX, Network LAN, Video Distribution, Power Calibration, IVR Setup, Video Broadcasting, Editing with FCP, Audio Booth design & setup, FM200 and FE-227 gas suppression systems for the server room, Fire suppression systems for the whole office etc. And I stayed with BBC World Service Trust for two years, and afterwards joined Microsoft Bangladesh. During my stay @ Microsoft I’ve expanded my reach to the FSI market, local enterprises and the government accounts. Architected almost all of the banks internal infrastructure which complies with various RA’s (reference architecture).


CCNP LAB: My Cisco Lab (Now Packed- and stacked)– Includes a 3640, 2611, 2950XM etc. And a pair of Pix 506 Firewall…bought from London; from e-bay, and brought it back here in my country; Dhaka, Bangladesh.

My Custom Bike: My finished bike with all mappings, reflector stickers, paintings applied and all…..piston and it’s housing is changed, boosted it’s thrust (Original 124CC, boosted to 188CC with Yamaha DT200 CC’s Piston)….but then the crankshaft broke at 135km/h, simply couldn’t handle the torque (was testing with my bike rather than destroying a someone’s ride) afterwards replaced the complete engine as the housing ruptured….. in Bangladesh these kind of tweaking is catchy 😀 loved that bike…radiator cooled engine, 6 gear, mono-shock @ the rear wheel (front 16inch, rear 18inch diameter—kind of odd), alloy wheels, H4 head lamp, beautifully centered, you can drive it with your hands free – Awesome balanced bike.

Paint Gun: I’ve used the following item to paint the fires on the front mud guard and on the tail side cover. It’s an Iwata HPC item which can deliver hairline output. And also used it in couple of places in the bike. Also got it from London during my stay @ Strand. I’ve used the Da Vinci pin-stripping brushes for the outer lines using those brushes. the old ones are lost in translations, but the following are still in my drawer 🙂



Hand Made Guitar: And the hand made guitar made out of Iron Wood (You may know it as Rose Wood). The strap made out of the car seat belt! completed the make in the year 1998. Truss rod is inserted by a long drill bit. It’s a steel rod used in the house constructions, nothing fancy about it. Chinese frets, Indian Strings & Keys, re-winded Pickup-Coils 🙂 from busted coils (Gauge-38), and the inner circuit made out of hand by designing the PCB. The completed item is too heavy though, because of the wood. Three mode switch for three of the pickup coils and two tone control….and that’s about it. Yeah you seen right? E is missing!!!

Guitar Distortion: And this is the distortion I made in 1999, it’s a mod of BOSS DS-1. Three tone generator with 1 IC-M5218 (ADPCM Voice Analysis/Synthesis IC), you may want to check out the op amps that’s built into the eight legged IC. Runs on 9V battery. The case can stand my weight 🙂 it’s that much strong, laminated though. And the best thing about it that it still runs well. Considering a professional BOSS Metal Zone; the sound mine produced nearly as 90% that of the Metal Zone. I’ve also tweaked the Zener diode values, since it’s a custom build, I am free to test. After couple of hours of tweaking I’ve produced desired sound with the unit. And the cost still is about USD 5$….funny though.

Guitar Amp: This device is a replica of the Roland BOSS MA-12V, a 28 watt guitar/keyboard/vocal amplifier. I have two of these units, one of which uses C4570HA IC and the other one is built with the M5218 IC. Now both IC has identical characteristics, but M5218 produces sweeter sounds. I’ve used a Creative 2.1 Woofer box (DEAD though), and have put in all the components of the circuit into that woofer box. The original Woofer that came with the Creative set; changed that speaker too with a demagnetized 30Watt/4 ohms speaker. No humming!!! Pictures follows:









Thumb Drives: And these are my pen drives, all marked for different types of doc storage. The key chain holds 64MB to 16GB drives, all drives purchased years back, and all of them functional. Yes yes, there are posts, exams – Training and my R&D video’s, resumes 😉 and other things also available in those pen drives 🙂 massively important documents related to Datacenter Design, Security Architecture Designs etc.

thumbdrivesEmergency Light: Now here is an old device which I use almost daily basis to light up my room (when power outage occurs). It has two 6V 4.5 AH (Model-645) batteries connected in series, auto charging with 220V switchover relays with a 12V mini step-down transformer.


Three switches (on the left of the box) for three outputs (on the right side of the box) of the following LED light panel, P2 LED lights though…so less battery use. Those three outlets on the right side of the box connects three of the following three LED panels.

ledcombinedSimple Torch Light: And the following torch light I use personally. It’s a 3.4V battery which coupled with two P3 LED lights. and this battery has a charging outlet of Nokia phones, so I charge it with a Nokia charger haha 🙂


Fractal Algorithm: And here follows the fractal design. I have been tweaking with the fractal algorithms, and basically used Mandelbrot, and Julia-II algorithms. And a beautiful production came out of it 🙂 It was done in the year of 1998 with Fortran Language.


Adobe Illustrator: And the first created DTP outline of my Illustration work with Adobe Illustrator 4.0. In the year of 2002….don’t look at the face…I was so unable to create one…back then I was working for a DTP company where I learned how to operate a double demy cord machine, film transfer, plate making for CMYK with Fuji plates and the whole workout. Never did spot colors though.


CD Duplicator: This is my production Duplicator with 6 SCSI drives, used to have five sets of it. Two readers with six burners with each set. Software used for the sequential burn was “Padus Disk Juggler”. 12x Burners produced 6 cd’s in three minutes….and the back-end SCSI adapter was Adaptec 39320/2940 Ultra Wide 40 Channel SCSI card. Now it’s all rusted and disassembled & finally thrown out.


Aquarium Heater: Back in 2004 I used to breed Angel fish, Gold Fish & Black Moores….and 32 (4/2/2 feet) of those tanks were needed to heat up in the winter season……so made it by myself as the ones found in the shops were too costly. 1.5M Ohms of resistor binded to the neon bulb, and two poles holding the end connector’s of the coil (38 gauge of heating wire). The heating wire were rolled over the ceramic coil and connected to the AC source….put it in the test tube, cork it off and wala! you will have your 1USD aquarium heater. I used to sell it too (right side finished product) with a printed wrapper.


PCB Drill Machine: The following item is kind of hilarious to see (desperately trying to justify an $80 USD motorized drill machine, and was looking for alternatives). But I got the prize for it as a science project when I was in 7th grade in the year 1987. This is my PCB (printed circuit board) drill machine where I used this one to drill my PCB’s to insert the legs of the components. A high speed 12V brush-less motor (ripped out and shorted out it’s back circuit, cut-off circuitry disabled and shorted out) is inserted into a one and a half inch diamater PVC pipe. A push only switch connected through a 12V 2amp step-down transformer (adapter). And the drill bits are inserted into the empty gel pens Nib’s. I have used a 0.8 mm drill bit for all the holes and then a 1 mm bit for the larger electronic components. And the Gel holder for ink is used to insert the cut head of the pen as a drill bit. Different bits are used for different purposes. Nothing fancy about it. A $2 USD tool, works still fine, a bit slow now but back then the motor used to produce slightly torqued 4200rpm.