Complete Network Diagram for 500 Users Using Microsoft Solution

Below is the complete diagram for an organization for 500 users. This design includes the following Microsoft Services:

  1. Page-1: Complete Design Topology
  2. Page-2: Exchange Server 2013 Design Topology with DAG
  3. Page-3: Lync Server 2013 Design Topology with PSTN
  4. Page-4: Active Directory Design Topology
  5. Page-5: Exchange Server 2013 Architecture
  6. Page-6: SCCM 2012 R2 Design Topology
  7. Page-7: SCOM 2012 R2 Design Topology
  8. Page-8: SCDPM 2012 R2 Design Topology

Now here is a screenshot of the page-1 of the file:

Extended Services Included in the design and they are:

  1. AD with Additional Domain Controller
  2. Two Exchange CAS Server in 2 VM’s
  3. Exchange DB & Log with Active/Passive and MBX (Mailbox) Design
  4. Print Server along with Witness Server in a Single VM
  5. All Certificates Requirements in a single VM (PKI)
  6. Load Balanced Design with a Hardware Load Balancer
  7. Completed Using 3 Physical Servers (DELL R720 with 2 Processor, 16 Core each)

Download: The file is available in the document download section.