DELL / Intel / Microsoft Community Connect for SMB Clients

Hello Folks, Just sharing some event pictures with you guys out there:

This event was organized primarily by DELL in conjunction with Intel and Microsoft altogether focusing only on SMB clients. The crowd was very much live and created a good ripple around themselves where they were interested on latest software telephony services. Which includes Microsoft Lync Server 2013. I was soo excited to let them know that Lync is already a milestone in your infrastructure which could provide you with the following:

  • Enterprise Voice (Lync to PSTN and vice versa).
  • IM, Presence and Persistent Chat.
  • Multi participants Video Conferencing that can be used to train remote office users on specific PowerPoint Decks.
  • Share & Chat with a Shared PowerPoint Session.
  • ChalkTalk with a Shared Whiteboard.
  • Clients for Android, iOS etc.
  • Contact Card Support.

And finally the event was very successful in terms of participation and a great day for all of DELL, Intel, and Microsoft’s part. Audience was more than 150.