Choosing a Name for Your Computer

I believe every now and then people of networkers face this dilemma where we the IT guys are troubled with this silly matter. Apparently it seems silly but the impact of it is really grave. If you fail to plan this properly, this is going to be a problem for you.

In a simple organization, you can probably get away with this by using following naming convention: Computer Name:

Department-Numeric Value

But imagine if you have an organization of a thousand employees, what then?

Computer Name: EmployeeID

Probably a very good idea to go with this, very easy to understand and to find out a computer. You can find out each computer by using the employee’s ID, could also suggest where this employee resides, east? west wing of the building perhaps?

But did you know that there is an RFC released for naming your computers? Amazing, right? Here you would find the best practices….read on…

Naming Your Computer: