Install GUI on Windows Server 2016

I really got amazed or even startled that the first boot Windows Server presented a command line, along with the server manager. I closed the server manager console; and got stuck 🙂 with the command line only. Laughed for couple of minutes of my ignorance of the new technology. Then I recall the command “servermanager”, and it popped up again. Kinda felt idiotic too at that time.

Now coming back to the original topic. My apologies, this post is an orchestration, as I couldn’t load mspaint to work, nothing was there to save the print screen snapshot….. LOL

Now I have chosen the first option to be installed which led me to a command prompt only screen. The following picture is taken from TechNet.


After Windows Server 2016 CTP2/3 completes it’s installation, restarts for the final time, login into the server and issue the following command in the command prompt:


Screenshot would look like the following, as you can see the feature is already installed.


I typed all lowercase, when the Server Manager actually pops up, then follow the screenshot location to install the “Server Graphical Shell” along with the “Desktop Experience”, well if you need it. I also installed the Ink services for the server to support sound/recording services. Please do read the right side description of the feature getting installed. Now after finishing the installation you will get the look just like the following screenshot:

Windows2016 Desktop

Essentially, the Windows Server is getting lighter and lighter with each release comes out. Can’t wait to test the server out with my new DELL Latitude E7240 Ultrabook, and the video recordings will be released to my YouTube channel. Furthermore, use the following command to add more features:


  • Add-WindowsFeature
  • Get-WindowsFeature
  • Remove-WindowsFeature

By the way, you can run the following powershell command to checkout if the GUI feature is installed or not:

Get-WindowsFeature *gui*
And the screenshot follows: