Hyper-V Monitor Gadget

Hyper-V_MonitorA well developed gadget for the Hyper-V Monitoring. Lines from the writer:

The gadget uses WMI to connect to the server so the user might need to follow John Howard’s guide remote WMI access on both the client and the Hyper-V server.

Version 5.2.5 is out!

The project has been moved to CodePlex to allow for more people to participate. Send me your CodePlex username if you want to join the project on CodePlex.

The latest version of my gadget has been tested and is now ready to be released! After a rewrite of the gadget, it is now better, faster and more awesome than ever before! 🙂
The gadget is now packed with more features than ever while still keeping the UI simple, alot of neat little features.


Some of the new features

  • VM CPU graph
  • Wake on Lan support
  • VM RDP (If the host is running 2008 R2)
  • Multilanguage support.

Download the Gadget from the link: http://hypervmonitor.codeplex.com/