ConfigMgr 2012 R2: List of Bug-fix

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Please do not treat the list as an official one, as I have collected these from number of sources, and they appear correct.

  • SM setup does not allow change from evaluation to licensed
  • SMDW: “Invalid object name <table>” thrown when running ETL process in DWRepository
  • MonitoringHost.exe.config should not be shipped by SM
  • DW no longer receiving new data after failing to create primary key
  • VS Shell removed from Authoring Tool
  • SM&DW on Server Core Install Failure
  • Datedimension has order attributes and relationship attributes incorrectly configured
  • SCSM2012 Inconsistent time format in SR and RA
  • Fix app domain configuration in Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Core to SM Main
  • Change the parent installation folder name to “Microsoft System Center 2012 R2″ from “Microsoft System Center 2012″
  • When EntityChangeLogID value grows beyond the 32 bit signed integer limit, expanding the service catalog results in error
  • SCSM – Exchange MP stuck in Pending Association in MPSync Job
  • Transform.Common timeout and failure
  • RFC: Transform failing in TransformGroupContainsConfigItemFact “The maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted”
  • System.OverflowException generated when trying to insert EntityChangeLogId into ManagedType tables (MT_*)
  • SM console crashes after upgrade correctly
  • Review Activity add reviewer workflow fail to run in SCSM2012 sp1 running in windows Server 2012
  • After SP1 upgrade, new “Service Dependents” entries created for “Business Services” cannot be seen in the console anymore
  • SCSM 2012:SP1: Regression- Simple lists do not function correctly in SSP after upgrading to SP1
  • “self-service portal” info should be removed in error message when install SM server in win7 or win8 X86/amd64 client machines
  • SQM PowerShell instrumentation doesn’t work in SM and OM.
  • RunbookMonitorWorkflow cannot handle failed status of runbook
  • Remove Portal: The portal is partially cleaned up after the upgrade of the product with portal installed
  • Authoring tool install fails for x86 OS (Win8 x86) because of SxS settings
  • SCSM2012 customer get many 33610 events on different rules and subscriptions
  • Service Request will complete unexpectedly
  • SCSM 2012 – If the amount of „Manual Activities” exceeds a unknown limit, the „Manual Activities“ weren’t displayed in the SMPortal
  • Console Crashes when double-clicking Parent Incident link on an extended Incident class object
  • SP1 Secondary Management Server – Cannot set availability on a health service that doesn’t exist
  • SCSM2012SP1:File attachments are not getting properly saved
  • Failed to install chargeback by topology error message shows “Unable to find type [SecureString]“
  • Add support for SM 2012 R2 in the eval to licensed tool
    Errors when start PowerShell after upgrade from SCSM 2012 SP1 to 2012 R2 and R2MP to R2
  • SCSM 2012 – SSP Knowledge article search in Finnish
  • script under SM server C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Service Manager\Chargeback\Dependencies need to update
  • Connector cannot be created/edited after upgrading of SM console
  • Edit VMM connector don’t take effect