Software Implementation RoadMAP – A Four Year Plan

This excel (Soft-ImplementationRoadMap–V-4) file took me a long time to prepare. As I was helping out people of same sort (IT), were looking for something like this….to check and balance their progresses in a Yes/No format and all those software’s should have a deployment strategy and Design & Planning links to it where Information is readily available to the Managers. And focusing on that this file was created and helped out loads of people who assured that this is helpful….but still too much information is there too to cope up at one go.

The solution is based on Infrastructure Optimization Study, which steadily describes solution requirements which an organization can take leverage of. Gradual progression by Basic, Standardized, Rationalized & Dynamic processes follows implementation paths. Every year is divided to two 6 months segments, so that you can have better understanding on the deployment of solutions, and what to deploy on which quarter. As you can see in the picture that nearly every feature has a web-link to it. So, it’s easy to get to know what you want to know, and how to deploy it….a pre-process for planning your deployment solutions.

It’s an 11MB file and is available here in this link: CLICK HERE