Updated Microsoft User Experience Virtualization Settings templates available for Office2010 and Lync‏






















The product team has updated the Office2010 and Lync settings location templates and they are now available for download on the connect site. Please download the new templates and update your UE-V deployment and report any issues via the connect site or your TAP Sponsor.


Download the new settings location templates fromhere.

Pre-requisite:  UE-V Beta2 installed.

Option 1 (PowerShell) :

  1. Open PowerShell as administrator and import the UE-V module
    1. Import-module  uev
  2. Unregister the current Office and Lync templates
    1. unregister-UevTemplate -TemplateId MicrosoftOffice2010
    2. unregister-UevTemplate -TemplateId MicrosoftLync2010
  3. Verify that the current templates (Version 10) are no longer registered
    1. get-uevtemplate | format-table -property TemplateID,TemplateVersion
  4. Delete the old Office and Lync packages from the SettingsStoragePath location
  5. Register the new templates (Version  14)
    1. Register-UevTemplate <Path_To_Template> MicrosoftOffice2010Win32.xml
    2. Register-UevTemplate <Path_To_Template> MicrosoftOffice2010Win64.xml
    3. Register-UevTemplate <Path_To_Template> MicrosoftLync2010.xml


Option 2 (Template Catalog Path):

1. Verify that OverrideMSTemplates registry key is set to True



2. If a Template Catalog path is configured, remove the old templates from catalog and copy the new templates in to the catalog

3. Delete the old Office and Lync packages from the  SettingsStoragePath location

4. Templates will be updated the next time the UE-V scheduled task runs


*For more information on using the Template Catalog Path refer to pg. 33 of the UE-V Admin Guide